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Hard-core, 96B's signature drink

1. Hardcore is 96B Experiment's Signature Drink

True to our name, we love our coffee and we love our experiments. Combining the flavour of coffee with the beautiful ingredients grown in our own garden, we wish to bring out nature in its most authentic form.

2. Hardcore is specifically made for the adventurous souls

Fear not, the gentlest of souls out there! Despite the seemingly hardcore name - quite literally, Hardcore is made for those who wouldn't shy away from going beyond the realm of traditional coffee drinks and conventional methods. Hardcore consists of 96B Espresso flavour profile, accentuated by lime juice and an exotic hint of freshly picked rosemary.

3. Hardcore is to be found exclusively at 96B Experiment

As much as we'd like our drinks to be readily available at all locations, it is crucial that our creative drinks remain at the heart of 96B. At 96B Experiment, we deliver creativity, a wide variety of drinks and the highest quality of service. You can still enjoy our coffee-based drinks, chocolate and a good selection of tea at 96B x Toong.


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