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COFFEE LAB—our new space situated right on top of our cafe, catered towards professional coffee cupping, presentations, and various other demonstrations.


1. Call our hotline 0969 758 896; or

2. Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

3. There is no set schedule. We hold private workshops in accordance with YOUR time. Please reach out to arrange a suitable date & time for you.

SENSORY TRAINING (I): Learn to taste & appreciate like a pro

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 380k / min 2 pax


Learn to smell, taste, and appreciate like a pro. In 90 minutes, you will:


- Learn about coffee aromatic compounds and how to identify different aromas

- Get to be more aware of different tastes and how to refine your tasting capability

- Taste coffee and identify different attributes like a coffee professional


This fun, informative, and affordable workshop combines our extensive experience in both coffee and wine training. A must for anyone who would like to build up and improve their sensory skills.

SENSORY TRAINING (II): Decoding coffee's acidity & sweetness

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 480k / min 2 pax


This new workshop is perfect for those who have taken SENSORY TRAINING (I). We continue to:

- Dive deeply into the complex world of coffee's acidity with updated information and research 

- Taste 4 different types of acid and explore how different acidity changes a coffee's sensorial attributes

- Explore the intricacies of coffee's sweetness and experience first hand how aroma can enhance your coffee experience

Expect to taste, discuss, and learn a lot. Acidity and sweetness are two of the most exciting research areas in coffee. This workshop is the perfect opportunity for true coffee geeks to hone their sensory skills.

ALL ABOUT COFFEE: History, varieties, processing, and everything in between

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 350k / min 2 pax


Enhance your overall sense and understanding of coffee, how to make coffee, and many things in between:​​​

- Learn about coffee history, from Ethiopia to Yemen

Understand different coffee varieties and learn about different processing methods

- Coffee cupping: experience a cupping session of 4 types of Vietnamese coffee ​

Come away from the workshop with new and exciting information about coffee, as well as applicable insights on how to choose and make your coffee at home

MODERN ESPRESSO: Beyond traditional shot

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 600k / min 1 pax


Espresso, ristretto, lungo, allongé, spourover, turbo shot, oh my! The world of espresso is challenging, bewildering, and exciting. In 90 minutes, we will:

- Open up an espresso machine and learn about each component, from the boiler to the group head

- Taste and calibrate: learn to assess espresso extraction rate by taste and calibrate your own balanced, delicious shot 

- Understand an espresso's TDS and extraction yield

- Move beyond traditional espresso by making and tasting modern variations, from allongé to 'spourover' 

Expect to taste a lot of coffee, and widen your definition of espresso. Espresso is one of the most versatile coffee drinks. Break the myths and taste modern espresso with us.

ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE: Learn to roast great coffee with our professional roasters

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 660k / min 1 pax


Learn to roast coffee with our professional roaster in 90 minutes. Start by learning about green beans and the machine, as well as various coffee defects to avoid.


We then move on to picking your favourite bean and brewing style to determine the right roast. Our instructor will help you go through every step of roasting coffee.

End the workshop by tasting and brewing your very own freshly-roasted coffee! Of course, we will package your new coffee for you to bring home to brew and share with everyone ;)

HAND-BREWED WORKSHOP: Your favourite brewing gear, from A to Z

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 400k / min 1 pax


Private session for coffee lovers, from novices to enthusiasts.​ Choose up to 2 methods from:

- V60

- Chemex

- Aeropress

- Clever 

- Vietnamese phin​

and our instructor will assist you in understanding the equipment, helping you choose the right one, and sharing our years of knowledge and experience in brewing with these methods.

POUR YOUR OWN LATTE ART: All about latte & cappuccino


45 MIN / Tiếng Việt / VND 300k / min 1 pax


Our barista will help you understand the basics of making a cappuccino/latte. In 45 minutes, you can:

- Understand espresso basics: learn to dose and tamp coffee
- Understand the chemistry behind milk and learn to steam perfect milk
- Create your very own latte art


Get to learn more about coffee and make your coffee at the same time from a professional barista!

BREW VIETNAMESE COFFEE: Learn to make Vietnamese phin, egg coffee, & coconut coffee

45 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 300k / min 1 pax


What's a visit to Vietnam without trying these 3 iconic drinks? In 45 minutes, our barista will help you:

- Choose the right Vietnamese beans 

- Learn to make Vietnamese phin the 'proper' way (hard to find on YouTube!)

- Learn to make your own egg coffee

- Finish the session by making the famous coconut coffee for a refreshing treat

1 session, 3 coffee recipes, tons of fun. What more can one ask for? ;)

IMG_0171 2.jpg

150 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 950K / min 2 pax


In April 2023, SCA revealed the new Value Assessment Form to replace the old 2004 cupping form.


In 2.5 hours, we will: 

- Deep dive into SCA's new Value Assessment Form

- Understand the logic, philosophy, and goal of this new form

- Cup 3 types of specialty coffee and score them based on both 2004 and 2023 form

- Compare and contrast how these two forms perform on the same coffee and work towards calibration

This workshop is aimed at coffee professionals. If you are coffee professionals wishing to join in group of at least 3, you will get 10% discount.

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