COFFEE LAB—our new space situated right on top of our cafe.

This lab is a new chapter of our dedication to coffee tasting, coffee science, and knowledge sharing. Our facilities cater towards professional coffee cupping, presentations, and various other demonstrations.

Capacity: up to 25 pax


1. Book via VIBEJI / đặt chỗ và thanh toán trên VIBEJI

2. Book directly via our hotline / Đặt trực tiếp qua hotline 0969 758 896

3. Book directly via DM on / Đặt trực tiếp trên Facebook or Instagram  


HAND-BREWED WORKSHOP: Your favourite brewing gear, from A to Z

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 400k

Private session for coffee lovers, from novices to enthusiasts.

Choose up to 2 methods from:

- V60

- Chemex

- Aeropress

- Clever 

and our team will assist you in understanding the equipment, helping you choose the right one for you, and sharing our years of knowledge and experience in brewing with these methods.


ALL ABOUT COFFEE: History, varieties, processing, and everything in between

90 MIN / English or Tiếng Việt / VND 350k

Enhance your overall sense and understanding of coffee, how to make coffee, and many things in between:​​

- Learn about coffee history, from Ethiopia to Yemen. We move onto understanding different coffee varieties before learning about different processing methods, such as washed, natural and honey process​

- Coffee cupping: experience a cupping session of 4 types of Vietnamese coffee 

- Expect to come away from the workshop with new and exciting information about coffee, as well as applicable insights on how to choose and make your coffee at home


POUR YOUR OWN LATTE ART: All about latte & cappuccino

45 MIN / Tiếng Việt / VND 250k

Our barista will help you understand the basics of making a cappuccino/latte. In an hour, you can:

- Understand espresso basics: learn to dose and tamp coffee
- Understand the chemistry behind milk and learn to steam perfect milk
- Create your very own latte art
- Take impressive pictures of your own creation in a contemporary environment

All in all, you will get to learn more about coffee and make your coffee at the same time from a professional barista!

Learn how to make your own coffee with defined barista techniques from this barista lesson now!