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While 'enjoying coffee' may be a matter of opinion, 'making coffee' is a matter of science.


Making coffee means gaining a good understanding of the science behind the terroir, the bean structure, the roast profile, and the brewing methods.


Consistency is key.


We adhere to standards.  We encourage our baristas and customers to adopt consistent brewing methods, such as Clever Dipper or Aeropress, to replicate good coffee every time.


Consistency does not mean stagnation. We never stop seeking better ways of processing, roasting, and making coffee. ​


The quest for great coffee is never-ending and we know it. We are committed to going all the way.


We build an environment where all are welcome. 

We seek to incorporate criticism from all stakeholders. From Q-graders to coffee novices, we value each and every piece of feedback to constantly improve our products and service.


96B started as an experiment and will continue to be so.


We have an analytical mindset and value consistency but never forget to experiment, evaluate, and re-evaluate. We push the boundaries and have fun doing it.

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