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As a small, close-knit team, we prioritise efficiency, agility, adaptability, and consistency.

With a customer- and quality-first mindset, we are here to bring you a better cup of coffee every day.


HANA C. / founder & roaster  

SCAE certified Roaster / Brewer / Barista

Hana started roasting and brewing her own coffee in 2014, before taking professional SCAE training at SPC Coffee Academy in Seoul in 2015. She came back to Saigon in 2016 to start 96B Experiment, a small hidden space atop a chocolate and pastry shop.

Enjoying coffee, to Hana, is to drink with an open mind to appreciate the terroir and the hard work by each individual that plays a role in creating a good cup of coffee. There is no right or wrong in coffee. It is an exciting learning curve every day and in every cup.


THAI DANG / co-founder & partner

After finishing her Mphil in Politics at University of Oxford, Thai worked in Saigon for 6 months and in Hong Kong for a year before realising that the only thing that makes her happy in life is coffee.

Thai is in charge of various aspects of coffee education, operations, design, marketing, and long-term planning. Having lived in Vietnam, Korea, the Netherlands, Kenya, England, Hong Kong, the US and visited 60+ countries, she brings in her own experience and outlook on the industry, while firmly believing in the future of Vietnamese coffee.

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