Coldbrews Galore

Autumn Festival is here and what's a better way to celebrate it with 96B Coldbrew? For the coldbrew admirers, 96B Signature Coldbrew is a staple all year round, ready to serve you in any instant.

We would like to take this opportunity, however, to present you with 2 coldbrew-based creative drinks that are adored by both our staff and frequenters.

Coldbrew Latte Float

Aided by a good amount of fresh milk, 96B Coldbrew Latte (Optional: Float) is a dream come true for the dairy addicts who still want a kick out of their standard glass of milk. No espresso, no milk foam, this drink gives you a latte that is lighter, smoother than a traditional latte without compromising the quality.

Coldbrew Latte is availble on the menu. Please ask our barista, however, for that extra scoop of vanilla delight.

P/s: Worry not, the latte purists. Your authentic cup of latte is still being served, and wholeheartedly loved by many at 96B. Just in case you want a breath of fresh air, an interesting take on coffee, our baristas will be happy to make a Coldbrew Latte (Float) for you and change your mind, for the better.

Summer Coldbrew

While the Latte Float is an excellent choice, don't miss out on 96B Summer Coldbrew.