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Coldbrews Galore

Autumn Festival is here and what's a better way to celebrate it with 96B Coldbrew? For the coldbrew admirers, 96B Signature Coldbrew is a staple all year round, ready to serve you in any instant.

We would like to take this opportunity, however, to present you with 2 coldbrew-based creative drinks that are adored by both our staff and frequenters.

Coldbrew Latte Float

Aided by a good amount of fresh milk, 96B Coldbrew Latte (Optional: Float) is a dream come true for the dairy addicts who still want a kick out of their standard glass of milk. No espresso, no milk foam, this drink gives you a latte that is lighter, smoother than a traditional latte without compromising the quality.

Coldbrew Latte is availble on the menu. Please ask our barista, however, for that extra scoop of vanilla delight.

P/s: Worry not, the latte purists. Your authentic cup of latte is still being served, and wholeheartedly loved by many at 96B. Just in case you want a breath of fresh air, an interesting take on coffee, our baristas will be happy to make a Coldbrew Latte (Float) for you and change your mind, for the better.

Summer Coldbrew

While the Latte Float is an excellent choice, don't miss out on 96B Summer Coldbrew.

Enjoy the tropical goodness that is contained within a glass of coffee. This drink is named Summer Coldbrew for all the right reasons: it's light from the coldbrew, it's refreshing from the coconut water, it's fun from the lychee crystals and it's complex from the sophisticated touch of the ginger leaf.

Through these drinks, we wish to do Saigon justice. We love our creations because we believe in them. And I hope you will, too.


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