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WEEKEND is our newest blend. After a long time of testing various roast profiles and different ratios, we are excited to finally create an easy-drinking, delightful blend. Think syrupy sweet notes of caramelised pineapple, accompanied by roasted hazelnut, and rounded up by an aftertaste of smoked chocolate. Every day is, truly, a week-end with Weekend.


  • ZONE: lam ha, lam dong & da lat, lam dong
  • ALTITUDE: 1300-1500 masl
  • VARIETY: catimor (60%), liberica (20%), robusta (20%)
  • PROCESSING: natural
  • TASTE NOTES: caramelised pineapple, roasted hazelnut, smoked chocolate, syrupy body
  • NET WEIGHT:  250gr / 1kg


WEEKEND / espresso / phin / cold brew

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