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FOUND only in Vietnam, THA1 is the F5 hybrid of Ethiopian and Vietnamese coffee, chosen via pedigree selection. It took 25 years to develop THA1 and this exceptional coffee has only recently been adopted by pioneering farmers since 2016.


Mr. Dung of Radar Farm is one such pioneer. With the addition of LALCAFÉ ORO™ yeast, the cherries were submerged for 2 days in clean water to encourage anoxic fermentation and minimise spoilage from aerobic microbes. The result is a sparkling clean cup with beautiful floral and black tea notes.


  • ZONE: radar farm, tram hanh, dalat, lam dong
  • ALTITUDE: 1600 masl
  • PROCESSING: 2-day wet fermentation with LALCAFÉ ORO™ yeast, then fully washed (lên men trong nước 2 ngày với men LALCAFÉ ORO™, sau đó sơ chế ướt hoàn toàn)
  • TASTE NOTES: floral, black tea, green apple, balanced, sweet aftertaste

POPPY / drip bag

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