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THE Northwestern province of Son La makes up 2/3 of total Arabica growing areas in Vietnam. 96B team have been following this region closely, looking for a suitable lot to feature.


This year, Sucafina Vietnam delivers. Via a meticulous fermentation and drying process designed and monitored by coffee processing expert Ermanno Perotti, FLORA is clean and sweet, with bright acidity and a fragrant cacao nibs aftertaste. Brew with aeropress for a thick honeyed body and velvety mouthfeel.


  • ZONE: chieng ban, mai son, son la
  • ALTITUDE: 800-1100 masl
  • VARIETY: catimor & THA1
  • PROCESSING: 96-hour dry fermentation with LalCafé             INTENSO™ yeast; slow-dried for 30 days
  • TASTE NOTES: honeyed jujube, white flowers, green tea, dark chocolate, cacao nibs aftertaste
  • NET WEIGHT: 200gr

FLORA / drip

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