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WE have been serving Liberica from Lam Dong since 2016, long before its current hype. Liberica’s taste profile can be jarring at first, but addictive once you are used to it. Liberica in Vietnam has a long history of neglect, and we made it our mission to bring this lesser known to our customers since we first started in 2016.


Comes 2024 and we are excited to introduce our newest Liberica from Quang Tri. CONFETTI’s sweetness level is heady, reminiscent of stevia. Its taste notes are divisive, but endlessly fascinating. Embark with us on this modern wave of Vietnamese coffees.


  • ZONE: khe sanh, huong hoa, quang tri
  • ALTITUDE: 600 masl
  • VARIETY: liberica
  • PROCESSING: anoxic fermentation, then sun-dried
  • TASTE NOTES: winey, star anise, papaya puree, stevia, peach tea, caramel
  • NET WEIGHT: 200gr


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