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WHAT is a good coffee to drink at 10pm? We have always imagined a sweet and mellow blend: complex but easy to drink, low acidity but still intriguing, sufficient caffeine to spark creative ideas but mild enough for a good night’s sleep.


Inspired by K-Concept (Saigon’s leading interior design team & the mastermind behind 96B's store), who were looking for a coffee envigorating enough but without the buzz, CASHMERE is a harmonious blend of warm fruit compotes and milk chocolate, of chilly nights and snug blankets, of creativity and tranquility.


  • ZONE: huong hoa, quang tri & boneza, rwanda
  • ALTITUDE: 600 masl & 1600 masl
  • VARIETY: 70% catimor % 30% bourbon
  • PROCESSING: 70% natural & 30% washed
  • TASTE NOTES: milk chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, fruit jam, velvety body
  • NET WEIGHT: 200gr

CASHMERE / espresso / drip / cold brew

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