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DECAF has a reputation of being flavourless; this coffee proves otherwise. Expect all the goodness of a classic Ethiopian, without any of the caffeine. A blend between natural and washed coffee gives this lot a perfect balance between fruity and floral, sweetness and acidity. Meanwhile, the patented, non-chemical Swiss Water Decaf uses fresh water to remove 99.9% of the caffeine content.


  • ZONE: telila washing station, gera woreda & aba dega farm, bashasha town, goma woreda
  • ALTITUDE: 1900-2100 masl
  • VARIETY: ethiopian landraces (G1)
  • PROCESSING: washed (40% telila) & natural (60% aba dega), then swiss water decaf
  • TASTE NOTES: sugarcane, orange, dark chocolate, bright acidity, lasting sweet aftertaste
  • NET WEIGHT: 100gr / 200gr

ETHIOPIA GERA-GOMA DECAF / drip / espresso / phin

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