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EMBERS, the award-winning Robusta released in 20221 was our first time featuring Fine robusta on its own. Over the years, we have cupped numerous Fine robustas but SMOKE has to be one of the most memorable coffees.


Produced in Dak Lak, the land of high-quality Robusta in Vietnam, SMOKE stands out from the rest. We chose to age this lot for almost a year before roasting it to bring out the coffee’s nuances. It’s a gamble to age fermented coffee, as its characteristics could change for the worse. But with age, SMOKE simply became fruitier, richer, with a distinctive notes of warm and spicy smoked cedar.


This lot won second prize in Robusta Category at 2023 Vietnam Amazing Cup. Graded by a panel of R-graders in accordance with CQI's standards and protocols with a score >80, this is Fine robusta.


  • ZONE: cu sue, cu m’gar, dak lak
  • ALTITUDE: 500 masl
  • VARIETY: robusta
  • PROCESSING: natural
  • TASTE NOTES: grilled peach, smoked cedar, yogurt, rosemary, dried spices
  • NET WEIGHT: 200gr

SMOKE / drip / espresso / phin

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