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WHILE this coffee is called “longberry” by the farmer, the name refers to the shape of the seed rather than to an Arabica variety. Given that the seeds came from coffee plants in Laos that themselves originally came from Indonesia, it is very likely that this is a variety called Java.


It was brought to Java directly from Ethiopia by Dutch agricultural researcher P.J.S. Cramer, becoming  rather popular in Indonesia. Abyssinia is characterised by its tall and wide form, elongated large beans, and bronze new leaves.


  • ZONE: vuong farm, da nghit, lac duong, lam dong
  • ALTITUDE: 1400 masl
  • VARIETY: java
  • PROCESSING: 60-hour dry fermentation,  then sun dried  
  • TASTE NOTES: kiwi, green apple, cherry blossom, plum, green tea
  • NET WEIGHT: 200gr


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