ZONE: sidama, ethiopia

ALTITUDE: 1500-2000 masl

VARIETY: heirloom varieties (G3)

PROCESSING: mountain water process / natural 

TASTE NOTES: coconut, nutty, caramel


SOMETIMES you need a decaf in your life. This decaf Ethiopia is sweet, coconuty, and herbal, and thus holds itself exceptionally well with milk-based drinks. Try Ethiopia decaf with steamed milk, or sweetened condensed milk with lots of ice for an interesting twist on Vietnamese cà phê sữa đá. 


THE decaf process starts by immersing the green beans in water in order to extract the caffeine content. The water is then passed through a filtration system. This produces a solution comprising the original water and the soluble coffee flavours, now free from caffeine. The resulting green coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free. The beans are then dried to the required moisture content.

SIDAMA (decaf) / drip / espresso


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