UPON receiving this lot, we were surprised, if not suspicious, of its appearance. The beans are thin, brittle, and tiny. Roasting this coffee was frustrating and challenging, but the result was possibly the most rewarding we have felt in a while.


CRIMSON, hails from the sunny and dry lands of Quang Tri, won #1 place in Arabica category at the 2021 Vietnam Amazing Cup competition. We opted for lower heat and longer roast to tease out its potentials while avoid scorching the beans. 


On the cupping table, CRIMSON reveals a world of exotic aromas: think pink guava, candied prunes, ripe strawberry and sweet passion fruit. In the cup, viscous pink guava juice shines brightly with notes of red wine, punctuated by hints of clove and red pepper. Rich, luscious mouthfeel is followed by deep, lasting dark chocolate aftertaste.


Perfect as drip, as iced drip, and as cold brew. CRIMSON demands to be savoured.


  • ZONE: pun hill, huong phung, huong hoa, quang tri
  • ALTITUDE: 650 masl
  • VARIETY: catimor
  • PROCESSING: natural 
  • TASTE NOTES: pink guava, passion fruit, strawberry, mild acidity, winey, clove, red pepper, prune, rich mouthfeel, dark chocolate aftertaste
  • NET WEIGHT: 100 gr / 200gr

CRIMSON / drip / espresso / phin

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